Dear friends,
Our brothers and sister at Plum Village are well into their winter retreat. The whole monastic sangha are practising 3 months together to deepen their practice. This practice goes back 2600 years. Many of our friends on retreat are choosing not to use the internet during this time. To give themselves space and time to care for themselves. So following their example Wake Up Belfast is going off line until the end of January.

I will try to limit my use of the internet and try to take care of myself. Studies tell us that how we use the internet actually shapes our brains in a way that we process information shallowly and lose the ability to concentrate and contemplate deeply. Inspired by my brothers in Plum Village I will experiment by not being online so much over these next weeks and see if it will make me more happy, as happiness is easiest found in a still, concentrated mind.

Smiling to you all dear friends,

 this is it